Ways To Make A Life Drawing More Entertaining

You’ve already had a life drawing with Bare Butlers or another company? Wondering whether it’ll be as fun the second time round? We can assure you it will, and we have some great ideas to make that happen. If it is your second time booking a life drawing, definitely let us know when you book, cause we’ve got even more ideas up our sleeves to make your night unforgettable. Here’s a few:


Pencils are so 2017. Next time, get a bunch of charcoal to draw with. Most guests will have never drawn with charcoal. Drawing with charcoal produces some interesting line work, and makes shading a breeze. Just be careful if you have light carpet or a white-themed Hen’s!


Get a bunch of Play-Doh (or clay if you want something a little more long lasting!) and recreate your model in your very hands. We frequently recommend this to people booking with us. Sculpting adds a whole new dimension to a life drawing, and can produce some hilarious and flattering results.


Did your Hen make you do something awful at your Hen’s party? Or did she order that stripper that you insisted you didn’t want? Now’s your chance to get her back. While you don’t need to make your Hen strip down to her birthday suit, she will certainly have to stare at his for 5 minutes while your guests immortalise it in their artwork!


Put a few sex positions into a hat, and all your guests’ names into another. Pull out a name and a sex position from each hat. The (un?)lucky guest must pose in that sex position with your model for a couple of minutes while the rest of you sketch the scene in all its glory.

#2019 Hens Night Trends! How to host an unforgettable hens day or night for the bride-to-be

Classy, modern, and sophisticated – and we’re not just talking about your bride-to-be! If you’ve been given the honour of organising a hens party for your bestie, sister, or cousin, Bare Butlers has the low-down on the biggest bachelorette trends for 2019 – no tacky games in sight, only fun!

Throwing a tasteful party before she graduates from Miss to Mrs is all about the little details. Here’s just a few trends we know will be huge in twenty nineteen for the classy future Mrs.


#1 - Flower Crowns

One of the most popular hens party ideas that we LOVE seeing is flower crowns. It’s the ultimate symbol of romance and femininity: two essential features for a girls-only hens day.

If you’re in Auckland, show off your creative side and spend the day with the girls in a flower crown making class with Flower Crown Stylist. Remembering your Bare Butler can host this activity  all while topping up your bubbles!


#2 - Winery Weekends Away

Forget Ponsonby town: spending the weekend away at a winery is the perfect opportunity for the bridal party to get some much-needed rest + relaxation before the Big Day. Weather permitting, you can enjoy an alfresco dining experience surrounded by nature, couple this with a life model drawing and it’s the perfect outing for a boho bride-to-be. 

There’s a number of places throughout Aotearoa that offer the opportunity to stay, dine, and play among a private vineyard. We love having our men serve at Cable Bay & Villa Maria in Auckland, Pegasus Bay or Cracroft Chase in Christchurch and Poppies Martinborough or Palliser Estate in the greater Wellington region!  It’s the perfect backdrop to host a hen’s weekend away package, with an equally stunning topless waiter in the foreground from Bare Butlers, we can guarantee the gals will love it!

#3 - Hens Night Ideas at Home

Who says you need to spend a night on the town to enjoy one last hurrah? Indulge in a well-deserved pampering sesh and have our butlers host a gal’s night in. We LOVE this trend of lounging around in cute matching pyjama sets + robes, and later on gathering around for some relaxed and hysterical nude life model drawing. You can even organise your own nail salon and paint each other’s nails.

#4 - Body Grazing Platters

What could be better than a table full of delectable desserts!? Feeling a little spicy? We’ve been known to provide our men to make the ultimate human platter that keeps the night unexpected, sexy and exciting! I bet even the best platter queens in the group haven’t had one this impressive! Create a wow factor for your hens day or night with the ultimate in indulgence. Why not treat the bridal squad to rows of cookies, donuts and cupcakes or even sushi! In fact, who cares what you’re eating when that lying in front of you!


Amazing Hen's Night Theme Ideas Your Girls Will Love!

Amazing Hen's Night Theme Ideas Your Girls Will Love!

Costumes and hen party themes add fun to any hen celebration. Having a dress code helps put everyone in a festive mood, highlights the trend and is great for fun hen party photos #SquadGoals. Most of all, wearing special outfits makes the event more memorable. It’s a time when you laugh together commenting on how awesome or silly everyone looks. Plus, how good do you look on the snap story! 

Three Best Cocktails

Three Best Cocktails

Our Butlers have whipped up all kinds of cocktails at all sorts of events, so we thought we'd share the three we recommend any party should have. We like to keep things easy, so try to keep crossover between ingredients, so you aren't left with a dozen bottles of unused ingredients.