The Best Body Painting Themes to Paint

The main event for a Bare Butlers body painting involves painting your Butler to any theme or idea that the group (or the Hen) chooses. To make this decision easier, we decided to share some popular and creative ideas.


Snakes for hair… Vines all down his arms… A river down his leg… A leaf over his...? With this theme, you’ll be wanting to have plenty of mixing palettes so you can mix all the different hues of green you find in nature. We have seen some truly beautiful painting creations to this theme, and can work especially well with floral-themed parties.

Tattoos You’d Regret

For a bit more of a comedic and light-hearted theme, it’s time to poke fun at tattoos that might have seemed like a great idea at the time, but not so great once you sobered up. This can be a perfect time for your guests to bring up any tattoos that they very nearly got tattooed on themselves. Obviously, it’s imperative that your guest of honour is the one to paint the most regrettable of all tattoos: the tramp stamp.

Nightmare vs Fairytale

Let your imagination run wild with this Yin and Yang of story time. We’ve seen two great ways to go about this theme. Firstly, painting the good and evil on each of the model’s sides. Or, more hilariously, fairytale in the front and nightmare on the back! Imagine a skeleton face with fairy wings!

Caricature of the Groom

For body painting at Hen’s parties, we all know how fun it can be to make the Groom’s presence felt at the party. You know that game where you stick the Groom’s head on a sexy bod on the wall? This painting theme is the next level. Is he a cop? Paint your model into a skimpy police outfit (literally skin tight!). Maybe he loves cars? Give him a sexy hot rods tattoo. At the end, definitely have your Hen and makeshift-Groom pose for a photo to remember.

And for those of you who have read this far… if you’re planning a body painting for 15 guests or more, simply put BDYPNT50 into your booking comments for $50 off.