Creative Hen's Nights Ideas

We know you've been to many Hen's nights by now. You might even have organised a couple already. So how do you make this night stand out from any other? We've seen a few great ideas that we'd love to share.


While most parties have a topless waiter, a life model is the perfect way to both elevate the experience and have a bit more toned-down fun at the same time. Life drawing classes are great for the arty types, but don't scare away those who are pretty much stick-figure-only artists. We find a life drawing class works best for in the afternoon or early evening. If you have family present at the Hen's, this is a great way to get them involved with the risqué entertainment. 

Tip: Tell your guests in advance that you will be doing a drawing class and pose a bowl of fruit in the middle of the room. They will totally believe it, and it'll be a great surprise moment when your Butler steps into the room!


You may begin to sense a ‘creativity’ theme in this list. Mixing It Up’s Hen’s party packages take all the hassle out of painting so that you can focus on the fun of it. They provide all the materials, and clean up afterwards, while your guests spend 2 hours learning valuable painting skills. Mixing It Up paint parties cater to all ages, and can be family-friendly. However, for those Hens wanting something a little more risqué, the Life Painting option will feature one of our stunning Butlers.

Tip: Get in touch with Mixing It Up now to enquire about rates and availability. Be sure to mention Bare Butlers to get their best price!


This fun activity embraces the beauty and uniqueness of those lady parts. Have a cupcake per guest, and then a range of decorative toppings for each guest to create their own fabulous vagina. We suggest: pink icing, purple icing, skin coloured icing, chocolate sprinkles, rainbow strip candy, jelly beans, toasted coconut, and anything that could be remotely applicable! Set a timer and have your guests create their best vagina cupcake. Your Butler or your Hen can choose a winner.

Tip: For maximum hilarity, invite each guest to explain the intricacies of their creation.


We all know and love the Snapchat filter, well how about making your very own. These flower crowns require some patience to first learn how to make, but once you've got the hang of it you'll be able to whip one up for your next occasion. We think this is a great idea because your guests will be able to wear their flower crowns throughout the rest of your evening. This activity is also best for afternoon or early evening.

Tip: Our friends at Floral Stylist Co have a great deal for this class, so get in touch with them now and mention Bare Butlers to get their best rate.


Put your guests into pairs (or for larger parties, select a few pairs for the game), and have them create their most delicious and unique cocktail for the Hen. One guest will stand in front with their hands behind their back, while the other stands behind and places their arms through under the front person's armpits. If necessary, blindfold the person behind. The idea is that the person in the back is using their hands to create the cocktail, but is totally reliant on the front person's instructions. Once all the cocktails are made, your Hen will judge the best one.

Tip: For more competition or hilarity, have more than one pair making a cocktail at the same station at the same time.