Events (You Wouldn't Believe) We Topless Waiter At

Topless waiters aren't just for Hen's parties by any means! Our Butlers have worked at all sorts of events; young and old, crazy and chill. For those wondering "will a topless waiter be the right fit?" we think this blog entry may answer that question for you.

Christmas Functions

Our topless waiters have served a number of Christmas functions. One stand-out function was a small staff Christmas party for a store in Matakana. These ladies threw a delicious pot-luck dinner, and were able to sit back and relax as their meals and drinks were served by their Butler. After dinner, we repurposed our Hen's night games and they made for great entertainment.

80th Birthday Parties

At Bare Butlers we firmly believe that you're never too old to have fun! We have served a handful of big milestone birthday parties, and, no, we weren't just handing out scones. Our dares game went down a treat; body shots and all. Stuck On You is always a hit, and you'd be surprised how many of the Risqué Charades words these old girls know! After all the festivities, each guest had their tea served by their fine Butler.

Cooking Classes

What could be more fitting than a topless waiter in the kitchen? Well, we did have to keep our distance from the spitting oil (no shirts and all). But this corporate cooking class turned up the heat with a couple of Bare Butlers on the scene. We made sure each team was refreshed and MC'd their own activities. Of course, we hung the medals for the victorious team!

40th Birthday Hummerzine Cruises

What's better than a party? A series of mini parties, all around Auckland. Our Hummerzine cruise parties take a group of revellers all around the city, making several pit stops for games and refreshments. You don't need a big backyard to play our games; even aisle in the Hummerzine suits. We had the most fun playing the Sex Position Challenge on the highway!

Gay Stag Parties

Girls aren’t the only ones that wanna have fun! We have served several gay bachelor parties around Auckland so far, and look forward to serving many more. Bare Butlers is totally committed to choosing staff who can work any crowd, and any special guest.