She Doesn’t Want a Stripper (But we Still Want a Naked Man!)

So you’ve got a Hen who has told you unequivocally: “no strippers”. Don’t despair though, we still have plenty of options to still make the night unforgettable. We are gonna run you through some of our more popular alternatives to strippers that are risqué without being too much for your more conservative guests. 

Life Drawing

When you email us saying your Hen really doesn’t want a stripper, life drawing is the first service we will suggest. Life drawings can be nude or semi-nude. If you book a semi-nude life drawing, your model will be wearing a G-string. Nude life drawing speaks for itself. The great thing about life drawings is that your model is going to be on the other side of the room, so even when you go for the nude option, he isn’t shaking it in her face to Pony (yes, that song).

For a little bit extra, it’s definitely worth going for the Butler + Life Drawing Combo. With this package, your Butler will start out as your topless waiter. During this hour, your Butler will play some games and hand out plenty of drinks to take the edge off. The second hour will launch into a surprise nude life drawing, and your Hen and crowd will be really warmed up for it.

Body Painting

Body painting sits in between life drawings and strippers on the risqué scale. We find that parties for more conservative Hens can lean more towards semi-nude body paintings, because your guests are going to be up close with your model. Like with a life drawing, semi-nude body painting has your model in a G-string. Body painting is a great way to get up close and personal with your sexy gentleman, and but at the end your whole party will have a beautiful creation to be proud of. Along the way, you’ll learn body painting techniques and always plenty of laughs along the way!

And for those of you who have read this far… if you’re planning a body painting for 15 guests or more, simply put BDYPNT50 into your booking comments for $50 off.