Areas We Service

We aren’t just an Auckland company. We have Butlers located up and down the country, all ready to make your night a success. Here’s the rough list of all the places (so far) you can get a topless waiter, a life drawing, a male stripper or even a spot of body painting.


New Zealand’s biggest city goes without saying. Auckland is where we started, and where our largest team is based. We have over 15 topless waiters in Auckland alone! We have 2 body painting kits in Auckland to ensure that we can cover a busy night. Our Auckland staff travel as far as north as Whangarei for events, and as far south as Hamilton.


Not far down from Auckland, we have a super dedicated and experienced team holding it down in Waikato. Being relatively central, our Waikato team provides topless waiters, life drawings, strip teases and body painting to events all the way from Hamilton to Rotorua to Tauranga.

Bay of Plenty

We certainly haven’t forgotten this beautiful part of the country. We have Butlers in Tauranga, with our Waikato team easily available for the journey over too.


Our capital city is also one of our largest hubs for topless waiters, life drawing models, male strippers and more. We have great connections with other local companies down there, and


It may get cold in Christchurch, but there will still be plenty to draw! Our Christchurch team services all the way out to Hanmer Springs.


With beautiful mountain vistas around your event, and a sexy Butler at it, you won’t know where to look. We have an awesome team holding down our southernmost hub. Don’t worry though, we don’t charge Queenstown sorts of prices. Our Queenstown team travels to Wanaka and all areas between.

Remember, this list is ever-expanding, and we are always happy to take any enquiries for parties wherever they may be in New Zealand.