What Can Your Topless Waiter Do For You?!

The question on our hens minds are what can your topless waiter do for you!?

Many people have the wrong idea and think our men are simply there to serve drinks and nibbles, but they couldn’t be more wrong! This article will go into why our handsome hunks are the ultimate party host. 


The basic responsibilities can cover your standard serving, tidying, cleaning up, making drinks and being cheeky and fun - but there’s a whole lot more to em!

All our men are trained to play a heap of fun (and sometimes naughty) games that are guaranteed to get everyone from the grand mother to the that one shy friend involved and laughing! 

A few different ways to put the boys to work below:

  • Your topless waiter is happy to take photos in precarious positions on the brides last night of freedom

  • Use his strong hands to give one of the girls a massage

  • Set up a lap dance competition between some more adventurous girls 

  • Blind fold the girls and have them frisk for a bandaid on your topless waiter

  • Blind fold the girls and play pin the penis with your topless waiter as your real life model! 

  • Have your topless waiter lie down and do body shots from them, or dare another one of the girls to! 

  • Plus play any of our favourite games from this list!

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