Combo: Life Drawing + Body Painting

Start with a drawing...

The combo session lasts a total of 2 hours. Your model will kick things off with a life drawing class that lasts an hour. We teach life drawing techniques, and play drawing games to keep everyone entertained.

Then get the brushes out...

Once your guests have nailed the drawing techniques, it will be time to transfer some of their drawn artwork onto your model's body. We provide the paints and brushes so you don't have to worry about that. We play great painting games too.

Or maybe ditch them!

For a more entertaining experience, ditch the brushes altogether and paint with your hands. Your model will ensure that every guest feels comfortable interacting with their body.

Semi-Nude from $520 | Nude from $570 Min 10 guests

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Guests' Life Drawings

Body Paint Provided

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