Terms and Conditions


Deposits + Cancellations

1. Upon payment of the deposit, Bare Butlers reserves the agreed time and date and will not make other reservations for the Butler/s for that scheduled time and date.

(a) Cancellations more than 3 months before the agreed time and date will be refunded in full.

(b) For cancellations between 6 weeks and 3 days before the event, the deposit is non-refundable. Bare Butlers will refund all payments towards the booking fee excluding the cost of credit card fees.

(c)  The deposit and booking fee are non-refundable where the client cancels with less than 3 days’ (72 hours) notice.

Changes To Bookings

2.  Bare Butlers will do its best to account for client date changes free of charge, provided the client gives adequate notice and subject to staff availability.

(a) Date changes raised within 3 days of the agreed date and time that cannot be accommodated will be treated as cancellation by the client.


3.  In the event of a Butler not appearing as scheduled, a full refund will be provided.

(a) Where the client is expecting their Butler to arrive and they have not, the client should first contact Bare Butlers so that Bare Butlers may attempt to arrange a last-minute replacement. In these circumstances, a partial refund may also be appropriate (at the discretion of Bare Butlers).

Travel Fees

4. Travel fees are due where the event address is beyond the central suburbs of the nearest city where Butlers are based. Venues within approximately 10 kilometres of the city centre will usually not incur any travel fee.

5. The travel fee is calculated to reflect the Butlers’ return journey as follows:

(a) D = distance from city centre to venue address at $0.40 per kilometre;

(b) T = travel time at $30 per hour;

(c) rounded down to the nearest $5.

Please note that travel time is not affected by traffic conditions at the time of calculation.

Butler Preferences + Requests

6.  Butlers’ availabilities can change at any time. Bare Butlers cannot guarantee any particular Butler/s for the client’s booking. However, Bare Butlers does its best to honour the client’s stated preference/s.

(a)  In the event that a requested Butler is unavailable for, or unable to attend, the client’s booking, Bare Butlers will choose the most suitable replacement based on: similar looks, availability for the client’s booking time and most appropriate personality according to the client’s booking instructions.

(b) The client is not entitled to a refund in the event that a Butler other than the client’s requested Butler/s has served the client’s event.

7. Not all Butlers are comfortable with our full range of services. For specialised services such as nude modelling and strip teases, the client’s range of choices may be limited.


8.  Incidents may occur while Butlers are at the client’s event (including damage to furniture, spilled drinks, and excess alcohol consumption). Bare Butlers takes no responsibility for any liability that may arise from the event.

Treatment of Butlers

9.  The client assumes responsibility for how their guests treat their Butler/s. Butlers are to be treated with respect at all times, verbally and physically.

10. If the Butler feels they are being abused, threatened or otherwise harassed or intimidated, for their own health and safety they are entitled to leave your event after giving notice to the client.

(a) In these circumstances, the client will not be entitled to a refund, and Bare Butlers reserves the right to retain the deposit and booking fees, and recover the outstanding Butlers’ fees.

complaints + Dissatisfaction

11.  If the client is at any point dissatisfied with the service they are receiving, the client is to contact Bare Butlers as soon as possible so that we may discuss and offer appropriate solutions.

12.  If the services are seriously dissatisfactory, the client may send the Butler away early and refuse to pay the Butler the remainder. Bare Butlers cannot guarantee a refund if the client pays the Butler and then subsequently informs us that their service was unsatisfactory.

Photography + social Media

13.  Bare Butlers reserves the right to take photos and videos (including Instagram stories) of events for both internal training purposes and sharing on Bare Butlers’ website and social media.

(a)  If any guest objects to their picture being shared on Bare Butlers’ website and social media, the client agrees to advise Bare Butlers at the earliest opportunity.


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